what a lovely wedding by Fathinz

everything flowers, beautifully yours..

Simple English Pelamin


hi everyone,
harini fathin nk update, another one of the earliest pelamin that i did.
memandangkan fathin slow down buat wedding job sampai end of november sbb nk concentrate on my thesis,
so fathin update pix2 dari fotopage lama dulu k.. sbb tak semua new visitors fathin penah view fotopage lama kan..
rajin2 lah comment. so fathin boleh lebih bangun dan berusaha..! :)

sakina wanted a sweet and simple english concept pelamin..
so ini adalah hasilnya..

pelamin sakina dewan um

english white pink pelamin for sakina, dewan UM

pelamin sakina

i love the roses..!

pelamin sakina nikah

pelamin nikah for sakina, damansara utama

bedroom sakina

simple english bedroom decoration

pelamin nih nampak sangat2 sweet in real. love it..!


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Author: fathinz

living a simple life. i a mom of 3. I create beautiful events and flowers. My kids are homeschoolers. all profit goes to their homeschooling fund.

14 thoughts on “Simple English Pelamin

  1. Salam… how much ye english white pink pelamin tu? if i wanted an english all white pelamin boleh ke? can you please email me a quotation? btw, my majlis will be in Februari 2010 in Johor Bahru. Thanks so much! All the best with the thesis writing!

  2. salam dear..
    wow.. all white pelamin.. fathin love it.. check ur email, will send u the quote yer..

  3. salam fathinz.
    im also interested on that pelamin.
    already sent an emel to u (2days ago) huhu.
    do reply eh.. :)

  4. dear, fathin dah email on the price yer..
    do check ur email yer..

  5. dear fathin,
    suke sgt deco pelamin yg nih..english style =) sgt sweet+simple but adorable..luv much
    reply me for the quotation please..tenkiu ;)

  6. thanks cthajar, will email u for the quote ok.. :)

  7. salam..
    awak nak tanye..saya nak sewa pelamin..tp saya nye majlis outsite KL..cover tak? saya suke both pelamin kat atas neh..bape ek nak sewa?

  8. dear, outside kl kat mana ye.. sorry buat masa nih fathin just buat klang valley, and seremban..

  9. sangat menarik, fresh, sweet n simple…bleh emailkan quote utk pakej sume n harga pelamin x?kalu kat kajang, masih boleh buat,kan?

  10. salam…

    fathinz brape quoatation pelamin nikah ni…???

  11. hi, boleh bg quo. utk bilik pengantin?nak yg simple english stlye saje..tq!

  12. Such great memories! Thank you Fathin :)

  13. thanks dear. yups this is my first project which lead to where i am now. i have to thank, you.. who have the trust on me.

  14. slm
    i minat la dgn pelamin nikah ni…reply me for the quotation pls…

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