what a lovely wedding by Fathinz

everything flowers, beautifully yours..

{ pelamin } Pelamin akad nikah for Baity


Salam sayang everyone..

Nih some of the beautiful pix of Baity’s akad nikah, captured by the unofficial photographer, Nadzri.. More pix, here..

As Fathin sedang menunggu hari utk deliver baby, this pelamin akad nikah done by my sis, ¬†Aishah and Asma’a.. really love the colour..

If ur interested, do email me,
fathinzcantique at gmail dot com

Lots of love,

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Author: fathinz

living a simple life. i a mom of 3. I create beautiful events and flowers. My kids are homeschoolers. all profit goes to their homeschooling fund.

3 thoughts on “{ pelamin } Pelamin akad nikah for Baity

  1. Kak, blog akak masuk dalam 50 blog terbaik Malaysia pilihan majalah InTrend. Bulan ni rasanya. Akak masuk kategori Perkahwinan.

  2. heee.. kite dah mlm td dear.. nanti kite update kat blog.. thanks yer..! korang jugak yg support..

  3. kalau nak tgk pic from front this up pelamin bole ke akk tlg upload…???

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