what a lovely wedding by Fathinz

everything flowers, beautifully yours..





pelamin014 pelamin015every pelamin is specially design to suit your theme, and personality. i love something sweet, simple but i am up to challengers.

(this turquoise pelamin, photography by candidsyndicate.com)

do email me for the quotation, the prices are differ depends on your budget, flower to be used and designs..
as for now, we provide 3 types of pelamin that is:
1. simple one for akad nikah, khatam quran or engagement.
2. pelamin with backdrop
3. 3D pelamin
let me know which one you like, and i’ll design specially for u..~

3 thoughts on “pelamin

  1. hai. apakah anda menerima tempahan dr kelantan?

  2. hii kerong, buat masa nih, kami cater kl, seremban, melaka, jb.. but boleh diusahakan utk ke kelantan.. do email me for detail discussion ya..

  3. hola..

    i mgkn b’tunang bulan 10 ni,i nk tny if korang ade any packages for engagement..i tinggal di kajang..


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