design from the heart..

This is actually the first pelamin that I created, for Sakina and Adlan’s akad nikah. I design from my heart. I do sketch, and it is not that easy to come out with ideas.. 

pelamin nikah sakina

For the past one week, 3 org emailed me to get quotation for this pelamin. They find it sweet, simple and nice. Yup i like creating something minimal. Just sweet, and simple.. (But that does not mean i don’t create vass-da-bomm pelamin.) Linda, from Gombak loves this pelamin so much and I will be creating the same design, with a little bit of twist.. colour would be : Mauve.. Keep visiting for more updates !!



fathin md nor


One thought on “design from the heart..

  1. salam fatinz

    i suka sgt tgk ur 1st pelamin tu…. for sakina and adlan – akad nikah

    if i nk buat sebiji mxm tu…warna yg sama….(baju sy pepel/putih) agak2 berapa ekk?

    lokasi : port klang


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