Khai’s Black+Pink Hantaran..~

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dear all, 

terima kasih, kerana sudi browse this blog.. Alhamdulillah, look at the stat :



this is quite an achievement.. i have more than 100 viewers yesterday.. thanks for ur support, this will definitely  inspire us to work harder, and create beautiful, memorable weddings..~

thanks to Dr khai and Azuan for the trust. To ibu and pakcik, ur both are great.. planning a wedding, for the anak sulung, the only girl in the family [in 5 weeks] is not that easy.. alhamdulillah, everything turns out very well. ibu and pakcik did tremendous job! The bride and groom are lovely, the food was delicious.. the makcik2 was so supportive.. to tok yg bangun at 5am, having a look at us, doing the decoration, “jgn risau nek.. mesti siap punyee..” “Nenek suko lah ekau nye pelamin, hantaran, sumo sumo ni, nanti cucu nenek nk kawen ujun tahun ni ekau jgn lupo kasi kad yo..”

thanks to Min, Aishah, Cik An, Ama, Asa, Shaha, Ieja, kak Ieja, Dora, hubby dearest.. owh, thanks to Al Rayyan sbb u were sangat baik and tak meragam, (except bile dia nk breastfeed), senang mama nk bekerja..~


this is a special black and pink hantaran from the bride.. i love the colour combination..

what do u think..? the black dulang hantaran is available for rent.. i will upload more pix soon..

do comment ya.. looking forward for chocolate and pink wedding pulak.. anyone..?

**i’m giving away a ‘special gift’ for the best comment on this entry.. so, put ur say and get rewarded..!!**




**pix by Engku Iskandar @

17 thoughts on “Khai’s Black+Pink Hantaran..~

  1. Salam..
    Bagi saya..
    Pink..lambang kelembutan dan kasih sayang..
    Hitam.. lambang keteguhan – spt teguhnya [elegannya] sesuatu fesyen..
    ermm…Pasangan ni memang bijak memilih warna..
    dan bijak merancang.. In tgk brg hantaran dorg pun sedondon warna tema..
    senang keje Wedding Planner kan??

    Pink & choco? Wow! that’s a great combination..
    tp syg.. mine is white n silver.. will consider it ok..heheh!!

  2. Black & pink.. congratz! cubaan berani & berjaya..purple serlahkan lg wedding theme ni. i love the combination pink n purple pluss meroon? my frend said, xcantik, akak nk sahut cabaran x? heheehe..
    pink n coco? another cubaan berani.. sbb dua2 color tu sgt contra plus susah n matching..

    gud luck k.fathin!

  3. eh! this is what i’ve been looking for!
    mmg minat sgt with the pink&black theme.
    but I prefer to a more pale pink..

    and, boleh tak hntar quotation to my email?
    or the rest of the hantaran pics? hehe
    if bkenan phm2 jela, bole tempah! thanks!! 🙂

  4. combinasi warna yang cukup gah dan myerlah.. tambahan dengan kretiviti idea dan ilham yang unit… good work!

  5. mmg cantik ar..combination black pink neh..lg pn wa mmg tgh survey tema utk tunang bln 7 neh..any suggestion plzz…

  6. Salam, Fathinz,

    It was nice meeting you just now at the HS Chatter Moment! Kombinasi warna pink & hitam ni memang cantik. Keep up the good work!

  7. salam fathinz..

    nk tnye,fathinz amk x order kt mlk?
    pastue nk mntk emailkn quotation all package utk kawin & tunang…
    sy suka sgt dgn tema hitm + pink tue….
    love so muchhhhh…….

  8. Hi…

    i love your creativity. can u email me the quotation for tunang package. I’m interested with pink&black theme. admired them so much!! thanx

  9. Traditionally black is not the choice, but for todays modern concept, black is the most brave, trendy and gorgeous choices to be combined with any bright colour..I likeeeee

  10. kak,sy minat sgt wrna + black…
    tp klau purple + black ok x…??
    juz nk tny pndpt…
    all da best kak!!!!

  11. sy suke smua akk punye design,kreative…cantik sangat. bleh emeilkan quotation untuk semua pekej x?berminat nih

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