Custom Design V-box

Salam everyone, 

Hope u all are in good health. Planning a wedding sungguh exciting but memenatkan rite.. Takmo pening2, takmo gadoh2 k.. Don’t worry to much.. Doa lah sentiasa, semoga Allah permudahkan perancangan kita.. Just a quick update.. My class ends at almost 11pm tadi. Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai rumah and dapat tgk Al Rayyan senyum, hilang semua penat tuh.. 

Ok for all yang email and sms fathin bout the chocolate wrapper, sorry fathin still blum ambik gambar smpt upload the new sample. But this one is quite a nice one.. Custom design V-Box.v-box cantiQue

Measure : Tinggi 5inch x panjang atas 6inch x panjang bawah 3.5inch x lebar 2.5inch. 

Price : RM0.85 each, for 1000pcs. RM1.25 each for 500 pcs..

Do comment, and i’ll email you with the quote soonest possible ya.. Owh, on another note, fathin belum announce lagi winner for the best comment on the February entry.. Fathin tunggu hadiah sampai from US, then i’ll announce ya..




3 thoughts on “Custom Design V-box

  1. salam..

    sy nk tanye utk v-box colour pink 2, bp harga kalo kuantiti 3000? boleh ke letak kat dalm 2 kuih bahulu?

  2. fathinz…..u’re a wonderful women…u’ve magical hand….i like very much…u should maximizing ur gifted artwork….may Allah bless u

  3. thanks dear, and thanks for the prayers.. now ade 2 kids its a bit hassle for a work-at-home-mom. but will do my very best as i love designing so much.

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