happy mothers’ day..~

assalamualaikum semua, 

maaf lama fathin tk update, fathin stop kejap update what-a-lovely-wedding sbb tumpu pada study.


pot luck at new communication technology class..

alhamdulillah, last wednesday dah abis final exam.. ade one more take home exam to submit tomorrow, 

and pasni fathin dah boleh tumpu for the wedding business. great. 

terima kasih kepada client2 yg sewa dulang hantaran hitam fathin last few weeks.

adora, ja, nadya, and lepas nih ida and nana bulan june, and wan utk oktober. for those yg nk sewa dulang tuh, boleh email fathin for the special price k..

ade few updates yg fathin kena qada’ update.. ok one by one yer..

btw, fathin berjaya bake ciskek on mothers day. half bagi inlaw, half for my mum. rasa happy sgt.

and tahun ni jugak first time celebrate mothers day. rasa sangat happy dan terharu tgh my al rayyan makin membesar sihat dan sangat comel

smoochy smoochy little al rayyan

smoochy smoochy little al rayyan

then, fathin carik pix2 cake yg cantik utk decorate for my next project, 

cake pink

cake vintage pink yg sangat cantek okey!

fathin jumpe this nice cake from marthastewartweddings.com.. owh, im so in love with this one.

ok lah, till then. happy wedding planning!




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