hantaran fresh flower cream, peach..~

Dear loyal readers,
ive updated few items in the pages. do have a look ya..

skrg nih musim cuti sekolah, maka bermana bermulanya jugak musim org kahwin..
i have more than 10 invites utk dipenuhi, tetapi memandangkan skrg fathin berada di jb mengikut suami,
fathin hanya dapat attend a few. last week, we’ve decorated a pelamin for akad nikah in Gombak.
ill update on the pix soon as i get the pix from the bride yaa.. turun kl naik flight, so i am so lazy o bring my slr, as i have to carry my 8kg Al Rayyan with me..

5 june, my mom, my sisters and me telah berjaya drive from jb- seremban-kl (beli bunga) – jerantut for my mom’s staff wedding.. it was a long journey, but worth it.. sekali sekala masuk felda, dapat makan sedap2 mmg best..
the theme colour for the wedding is black and grey.. and i did the hantaran for the bride..

i really love decorating this time, because it is only 7 trays of hantaran, we can use lots of flowers with the budget she has, and it only takes us around 2 hours to decorate this.. i guess this is a good trick to save your budget. 5 dulang balas 7, or 7 balas 9 is good enuff.. u can save a lot on rental, the flower, and the decoration.. and also, u can buy things more expensive than u have to budget for berbelas belas dulang.. Having said that, kalau nk gubah 11 dulang atau lebih pun, we’re ok with that, its just some tips to save ur budget..

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3 thoughts on “hantaran fresh flower cream, peach..~

  1. hai kak
    cantik hasil kerja akak…sy kagum
    sbb akak kretif sgt, nampak simple but very2 nice ur job kak,sy suka kongsep akak.. all the best

  2. kak fatin, i am falling in love with your hantaran’d deco- just nak tnya, do you cater for people in melaka (hantaran’s deco- like in the pics) how much would you charge then?

    akk, you look familiar la…huhu 🙂 ouh, you can pm at your soonest. thanks! 🙂

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