Sweet Treats..~

i was reading kak shaja’s blog, and totally agree with her. Teringat my wedding cake, i wanted something simple, sweet and meaningful. This is how my wedding cake looks like. cake It cost me tak sampai RM300..(sebenarnye caterer belanje..) My wedding was in Seremban, masa tuh tatau sape buat wedding cake yg cantek, and halal.. Lucky there’s a Malay cake shop in Senawang, recomended by my caterer.. Tgk design sume yg typical wedding cake. So i end up ordering a simple 3 tier white love-shape cake. Pesan kat dia, takyah letak apape. Just a white cake, ill decorate with fresh flowers. Flowers are the perfect finishing touch for a scrumptious wedding cake..

Masa cake sampai, around 10am, cik pengantin nih keluar umah hias kek kawen sendiri šŸ™‚ Puan caterer cakap, she added a few edible beads (sorry tatau ape nama dia) and some ribbon. im ok with it, coz i think yup its sweet. berseri skit. Then, i handed over some flowers. sbb fathin dah start makeup, org lain yg arrange the flower. my idea was only to use one kind of flower, the purple pink one, but it turns out like this.. takpe lah, im still happy with it. ishk panjangnye ckp. My point is,
1. Sweet and simple cake does add sweetness to the wedding.
2. Not always everything yg kite rancang will turn out perfectly as wat we want. Relax and think positive.
3. And kak shaja was rite. My 3 tier cake adalah tidak habis kami makan selama seminggu, dah bagi sana sini pun masih tak habis and ade a few yg terbuang. Same goes to my cousin’s wedding cake.. The whole large tier membazir camtuh je. So i guess, u have to plan wisely. This includes bile nk potong cake, and who will distribute for the guess to eat. Kadang2 kite sayang, nk save for family, but end up tak bermakan. Sedih kan. šŸ˜¦

Having said that, i stil think cake is one is the most important thing in a wedding. And anyone needs idea for a perfect wedding cake, u can always email me for consultation, and its free.. of course.. šŸ™‚



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