Pretty feet..~ [kasut kawen juga perlu cantek..!!]

I love shoes. Kite sume suke shoes rite.. This is my wedding shoes. It was design by me, to suit my wedding dress by my uncle Pak Cham of Margaret McCallum.. kasut_hijau1

kasut hijau mama

U can always have ur own custom design shoes, utk match with ur wedding dress..

Now we can design your shoes..

price starts from RM180 to RM300.. depends on the design and details.. do email me to place order ya..


kasut_kuning this one for reception on my hubby’s side. fathin tk tmpah kasut utk baju songket, konon2 nk jimat. end up i kenot find any shoes that fits well with the dress. alhamdulillah, this was bot at parkson klcc, 2 days before the reception. sangat kelam kabut. jangan lah jadi macam saya.. marilah order kasut awal2 supaya anda tidak pening kepala 😉





2 thoughts on “Pretty feet..~ [kasut kawen juga perlu cantek..!!]

  1. dear,
    awak boleh order kat kite, just send kain like satin and lace yang awak nk buat kasut tuh, send sekali bentuk both kaki kiri and kanan, just trace kat a4.. then boleh pilih few choices of kasut. nanti akak upload bentuk2 kasut. belum dapat the pix from supplier..

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