hantaran : bekas cincin + tempat letak cheque

salam dear all,
i have this bekas cincin, cheque holder, and bekas tembaga for rent, with a minimal price. email me ya.
if u engage me to decorate ur hantaran, u can use this for free.. for the time being, i only have the gold colour.
i would like to get new stocks of silver colour, if anyone of u interested..



5 thoughts on “hantaran : bekas cincin + tempat letak cheque

  1. Wow .. I can imagine a majestic wedding ceremony. That dulang and everything are so pretty …
    Beautiful cakes, too!
    I’ll get back to you when the time comes …

  2. =) Wowww!!
    Macam nak jugak je ltak bekas cincin tue dlm dulang kite nanti… ;p

    Sis,later kite bank-in lagi ehh..
    Kite tak tau lak akk dah ade num baru..
    Anything let me knoe k?
    Xsabar tunggu sketch design akk..

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