the first akad nikah in Menara KL..

pelamin for khalida and shah..
khalida works in Dubai, and trusted us to do everything for her small wedding reception. it is a surprise for them as they both did not see how the decoration looks like, until their entrance. and alhamdulillah, everyone was happy with the outcome…


decor meja mkn for 20 tables


pentas akad nikah view, from meja makan beradab


isle utk ke pentas akad nikah


simple pelamin with fresh flower

we did the chocolate wrapper for door gift, hantaran for both sides, pentas akad nikah, pelamin viewing KLCC, isle, entrance and meja mkn pengantin. it was such a lovely wedding..
ballroom kat menara KL nih agak kecil, but very sweet and nice.. and we were told by the Menara KL management, that this was the first akad nikah held in Menara KL.. winkk winkk.. suke.. suke..
haa.. sape2 yg tkde idea nk nikah or buat reception kat mana.. do ask them for the package. and u know wat, food dorg tak lah semahal yg disangka…
(pix from their photographer. too bad that im so exhausted and tekan shutter pun tak larat. we starts at 12:30am, and the akad nikah is at 9.00am… goshhh.. sbb before tuh ade chinese wedding.. kelam kabut but alhamdulillah, we managed finish everything on time..)



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