Wedding Ideas : Hand Bouquet, Bunga Tangan

Wedding nih kat Batu Pahat, Johor… I was the photographer..
Bila mak andam pengantin nih sampai, sangat2 sedih tgk artificial flower yang dia bawak..I rushed to the nearest flower shop, and this is the only best flower that i could fine..

Ikat skit with ribbon, i like ribbon panjang2.. macam best bile ditiup angin..

then letak skit manik2 atas ribbon tuh dgn gam uhu.. lucky my toolbox mmg ada dalam kereta..
so ade lah ribbon, gum, tape sumer tuh..
bunga tangan pink
wallaaa.. sangat cantek, kalau nk dibandingkan dgn artificial flower that was provided earlier..
Gerbera daisies : The simplicity of this bouquet – allows vibrant colour to shine..
You can make your own wedding bouquet, with a minimal budget.. This cost less that 20 ringgit.!

Good Luck!

Do leave comments, and fathin will get back to you yer..


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