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Dear lovely readers,
Im Fathin, a work at home mom (WAHM), with a great son ‘Azmihani Al Rayyan and daughter Salsabeel Jannah Al Rayyan.
We’re currently in Shah Alam, near UiTM and iCity. U can always email me for appointment and meet up..Feel free to visit for more updates. For the time being, do email us for any enquiry at fathinzcantique at gmail dot com. It is best that u can sms me as well, so i can update with u faster..



Fathin Md Nor 013-2002031

Min Md Nor











Aishah Md Nor


9 thoughts on “know us

  1. hye along..besh la tgk for dis time punye deco wedding..i like black n pink combination..nnt kite kawin nak along jadi wedding planner kite lah..congrates to along n good job!!kimslam kish kat rayyan comey..:P

  2. if you’re looking for someone who is very committed and very meticulous about her work .. then it will be Fathin. trust me, since study lagi dia ni duk sibuk design itu la design ini la and habis semua kertas² kosong and buku nota kau kena conteng dengan so call ‘design ‘ dia ni. btw, she painted her mother’s tadika with the ‘power puff flower’ nice + cute + catchy.
    So kalau sesapa nak something different for his or her big day .. carik la minah ni and she will bring her battalion with. Daring to play with color, cheeky and weird at same time looks pleasant to the eyes. Personal touch – of course ! minah ni suka la menambah² ape yg dia rasa cantik as long as di berpuas hati .. nasib baik Jimin loaded !
    hey fwen : i realized you luv pink so much .. dare to take some other colour ? for my wedding i want a golden brown with aqua blue .. amacam ada brani take my challenge ? bole hantar concept design bila dah siap ok ..
    miss ya .. kiss to jimin eh silap to rayyan 🙂
    (jangan mare ha !)

  3. Tumpang iklan boley..???
    Tudung u_saL..terbaru di pasaran.
    Ala2 Ariani/Dezahra…
    Mura je tau..
    Lycra + Thai silk

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