Hantaran 2014 / 2015 – Something Purple and Pink for Sofia.


it was a pleasure to work with Datuk Nora’i and family.

We only communicate through whatsapp, and Datuk give me the full trust to choose the design based on their colour choice and theme. I love the combination of purple roses, pink and fuchsia roses mixed with blue and purple hydrengea. The bright colours is a win!






What A Lovely Wedding

for booking and enquiries, kindly email ask.whatalovelywedding@gmail.com

happy wedding planning lovelies..!

{ real weddings } 2009 weddings recap : khai and azuan pink + black wedding

salam everyone,
im in the mood of editing photos.. šŸ˜‰
so will update on weddings that we did for decoration and photography sepanjang 2009..

utk wedding nih, we did all the decorations, prints, photography and videography; except for the food..
– wedding card design and print
– goodie beg design
– pelamin
– hantaran
– mehindi
– bilik pengantin
– baju pengantin
– meja mkn pengantin and vip
– isle and arch
– photography
– videography

if you are interested, do email or text me ya..!
fathinzcantique at gmail dot com

{ dulang hantaran } sewa 2010

salam everyone,Ā 

fathin tgh update on dulang hantaran rental for 2010..

please confirm with me on your booking date, jumlah dulang and warna dulang tuh..

for your info, dulang hantaran hitam dan putih roses ni diperbuat dari besi.. insyaAllah senang utk travel..

  • 1 January 2010 – Hairiliza (5 white tray )- Kota Tinggi, Johor Ā DONE
  • 1 January 2010 – Afifah ( 9 black tray) – Ampang DONE
  • 9 January 2010 – Soraya (7 white tray) – Seri KembanganĀ confirmed DONE
  • 10 January 2010 – Ryn (7 black tray) – pick at Melaka DONE
  • 22 January 2010 – Norhazni – (11 black tray+bekas cincin gold) MersingĀ confirmed
  • 27 Februari 2010- Noratika(7 black tray)Ā 
  • 12 March 2010 – Atikah adnan(9 black tray) melaka confirmed
  • 12 March 2010 – Azlin(for adik) (9 white tray) confirmed
  • 1 May 2010 – Ā Fiza (7 black tray) Melaka
  • 7 May 2010 – Fiza (9 white tray) Melaka



fathinzcantique at gmail dot com


{ hantaran } lovely colourful hantaran.. love it!

hantaran done for erynn.. we did both side, for the erynn and the groom.
utk dari pihak lelaki, erynn requested for white tray and red flowers, and utk dari pihak erynn, dia serahkan 100% for me to decide.. erynn is an adorable girl, and sangat simple to deal with.. thanks for the trust, dear..

sireh junjung

Al Quran


jam tangan


wedding ring


if ur interested with my work, pls do email, leave comment or call me..

fathin md nor

the first akad nikah in Menara KL..

pelamin for khalida and shah..
khalida works in Dubai, and trusted us to do everything for her small wedding reception. it is a surprise for them as they both did not see how the decoration looks like, until their entrance. and alhamdulillah, everyone was happy with the outcome…


decor meja mkn for 20 tables


pentas akad nikah view, from meja makan beradab


isle utk ke pentas akad nikah


simple pelamin with fresh flower

we did the chocolate wrapper for door gift, hantaran for both sides, pentas akad nikah, pelamin viewing KLCC, isle, entrance and meja mkn pengantin. it was such a lovely wedding..
ballroom kat menara KL nih agak kecil, but very sweet and nice.. and we were told by the Menara KL management, that this was the first akad nikah held in Menara KL.. winkk winkk.. suke.. suke..
haa.. sape2 yg tkde idea nk nikah or buat reception kat mana.. do ask them for the package. and u know wat, food dorg tak lah semahal yg disangka…
(pix from their photographer. too bad that im so exhausted and tekan shutter pun tak larat. we starts at 12:30am, and the akad nikah is at 9.00am… goshhh.. sbb before tuh ade chinese wedding.. kelam kabut but alhamdulillah, we managed finish everything on time..)


us, at work..~

Hi everyone,
this is us, at work..
aunty min rayyan
ini cik min. kerja gomen by profession, boss kepada kedai bunga CantiQue Wish Gift, Seremban Specialist Hospital.
cik min sedang serious menggubah bunga utk hantaran
tgklah cik min, gambar ini adalah around jam 3 pagi. cik min sangat tekun, ps: sbnrnye, ini lah satu2nye masa utk anda melihat cik min tutup mulut, bile dia sedang leka menggubah bunga..
cik an juga sangat talented menggubah bunge..
ini cik an, mushroom soup specialist, anda patut rasa, sangat sedap ok! bekerja di sebuah hotel terkemuka di ibukota šŸ™‚
pembantu peribadi mama..~
owhh ini aishah, mak teh rayyan, dulu belajar agriculture management, skrg floral specialist yg sangat hebat.. owhh tak lupe. si kecik al rayyan, cinta hati saya. setia menemani si mama bekerja, naik flight turun flight utk wedding job..
encik suami yg sungguh supportive
dan ini, encik suami yg sangat supportive. ps: sbnrnye dia suke risau2 skit takut org nk kawen pelamin tk siap…

dan ini adalah saya, muke adalah sangat kepenatan maaf yer..


hantaran fresh flower cream, peach..~

Dear loyal readers,
ive updated few items in the pages. do have a look ya..

skrg nih musim cuti sekolah, maka bermana bermulanya jugak musim org kahwin..
i have more than 10 invites utk dipenuhi, tetapi memandangkan skrg fathin berada di jb mengikut suami,
fathin hanya dapat attend a few. last week, we’ve decorated a pelamin for akad nikah in Gombak.
ill update on the pix soon as i get the pix from the bride yaa.. turun kl naik flight, so i am so lazy o bring my slr, as i have to carry my 8kg Al Rayyan with me..

5 june, my mom, my sisters and me telah berjaya drive from jb- seremban-kl (beli bunga) – jerantut for my mom’s staff wedding.. it was a long journey, but worth it.. sekali sekala masuk felda, dapat makan sedap2 mmg best..
the theme colour for the wedding is black and grey.. and i did the hantaran for the bride..

i really love decorating this time, because it is only 7 trays of hantaran, we can use lots of flowers with the budget she has, and it only takes us around 2 hours to decorate this.. i guess this is a good trick to save your budget. 5 dulang balas 7, or 7 balas 9 is good enuff.. u can save a lot on rental, the flower, and the decoration.. and also, u can buy things more expensive than u have to budget for berbelas belas dulang.. Having said that, kalau nk gubah 11 dulang atau lebih pun, we’re ok with that, its just some tips to save ur budget..

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