Simple English Pelamin

hi everyone,
harini fathin nk update, another one of the earliest pelamin that i did.
memandangkan fathin slow down buat wedding job sampai end of november sbb nk concentrate on my thesis,
so fathin update pix2 dari fotopage lama dulu k.. sbb tak semua new visitors fathin penah view fotopage lama kan..
rajin2 lah comment. so fathin boleh lebih bangun dan berusaha..! 🙂

sakina wanted a sweet and simple english concept pelamin..
so ini adalah hasilnya..

pelamin sakina dewan um

english white pink pelamin for sakina, dewan UM

pelamin sakina

i love the roses..!

pelamin sakina nikah

pelamin nikah for sakina, damansara utama

bedroom sakina

simple english bedroom decoration

pelamin nih nampak sangat2 sweet in real. love it..!



pelamin purple pink + cream..~

happy anniversary to dahnia and achid..!
semoga baby Batrisya membesar dgn sihat dan kuat ya..!

Dahnia is my friend, back in MMU. we were in the same club, peer group. Achid is my photographer friend. He takes great photos! i did their pelamin, last two years, in seremban2.. This are all my photography friend. do let me know if u need recommendation on photography services..


design from the heart..

This is actually the first pelamin that I created, for Sakina and Adlan’s akad nikah. I design from my heart. I do sketch, and it is not that easy to come out with ideas.. 

pelamin nikah sakina

For the past one week, 3 org emailed me to get quotation for this pelamin. They find it sweet, simple and nice. Yup i like creating something minimal. Just sweet, and simple.. (But that does not mean i don’t create vass-da-bomm pelamin.) Linda, from Gombak loves this pelamin so much and I will be creating the same design, with a little bit of twist.. colour would be : Mauve.. Keep visiting for more updates !!



fathin md nor