dear everyone,
im currently unwell.
admited at seremban specialist dah 3 days, doc says few more days.
ingatkan dah boleh balik esok.
anyway, kalau ade enquiry, just email me. i will reply as soon as i dah sehat and feels better. thanks for your understanding.

selamat berpuasa.. selamat beramal…



hantaran : bekas cincin + tempat letak cheque

salam dear all,
i have this bekas cincin, cheque holder, and bekas tembaga for rent, with a minimal price. email me ya.
if u engage me to decorate ur hantaran, u can use this for free.. for the time being, i only have the gold colour.
i would like to get new stocks of silver colour, if anyone of u interested..


Designer cake..~

Dear all,
i was watching the breakfast show on ntv7 the other day, and this cute lady, Su from Delectable was one of the guess..

wahh now cake pun ade ‘designer cake’. means its is specially design for ur wedding, and would not be same as others.

owhhh terus jatuh cinta dgn art work dia. u can browse her web at or her blog,
she also has a showroom, satu level ngan wayang, Level 2, the Gardens, Midvalley.

designer cake starts from RM1000, and cupcakes starts from RM9 each, with a minimum order of 50pcs..
tgk Dephnie Iking and Naz makan harituh macam sangat tempting jer..