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pelamin purple pink + cream..~

happy anniversary to dahnia and achid..!
semoga baby Batrisya membesar dgn sihat dan kuat ya..!

Dahnia is my friend, back in MMU. we were in the same club, peer group. Achid is my photographer friend. He takes great photos! i did their pelamin, last two years, in seremban2.. This are all my photography friend. do let me know if u need recommendation on photography services..


wedding inspiration : guest book, keepsake ..~

i really love the idea of having a welcome table. they are several ways that u can make ur guest sign and put notes for the pengantin.. actually, signing guest book blum lagi menjadi trend sangat utk malay wedding..

This is the table i set up for khai and azuan’s wedding.. I bot the guest book in Jakarta..

This was for my wedding, 3 years back.. Pics of us, in school, and printed in banner size, paste on a plywood.
Owhh this reminds me that i had not frame the banner yet… huhuu..!

This is done my good friend, Indah Sutra Balini for her wedding. It is a scrapbook concept with their love stories and pics.. I was her photographer..

To make sure ur guess sign the guest book, u should assign someone to take care of the area.. Explain to the guest where they should write.. Maybe u could put together with area hadiah.. This is not only a great keepsake, it is also the best way to send thank you notes to the guest..


Pretty feet..~ [kasut kawen juga perlu cantek..!!]

I love shoes. Kite sume suke shoes rite.. This is my wedding shoes. It was design by me, to suit my wedding dress by my uncle Pak Cham of Margaret McCallum.. kasut_hijau1

kasut hijau mama

U can always have ur own custom design shoes, utk match with ur wedding dress..

Now we can design your shoes..

price starts from RM180 to RM300.. depends on the design and details.. do email me to place order ya..


kasut_kuning this one for reception on my hubby’s side. fathin tk tmpah kasut utk baju songket, konon2 nk jimat. end up i kenot find any shoes that fits well with the dress. alhamdulillah, this was bot at parkson klcc, 2 days before the reception. sangat kelam kabut. jangan lah jadi macam saya.. marilah order kasut awal2 supaya anda tidak pening kepala 😉




Sweet Treats..~

i was reading kak shaja’s blog, and totally agree with her. Teringat my wedding cake, i wanted something simple, sweet and meaningful. This is how my wedding cake looks like. cake It cost me tak sampai RM300..(sebenarnye caterer belanje..) My wedding was in Seremban, masa tuh tatau sape buat wedding cake yg cantek, and halal.. Lucky there’s a Malay cake shop in Senawang, recomended by my caterer.. Tgk design sume yg typical wedding cake. So i end up ordering a simple 3 tier white love-shape cake. Pesan kat dia, takyah letak apape. Just a white cake, ill decorate with fresh flowers. Flowers are the perfect finishing touch for a scrumptious wedding cake..

Masa cake sampai, around 10am, cik pengantin nih keluar umah hias kek kawen sendiri 🙂 Puan caterer cakap, she added a few edible beads (sorry tatau ape nama dia) and some ribbon. im ok with it, coz i think yup its sweet. berseri skit. Then, i handed over some flowers. sbb fathin dah start makeup, org lain yg arrange the flower. my idea was only to use one kind of flower, the purple pink one, but it turns out like this.. takpe lah, im still happy with it. ishk panjangnye ckp. My point is,
1. Sweet and simple cake does add sweetness to the wedding.
2. Not always everything yg kite rancang will turn out perfectly as wat we want. Relax and think positive.
3. And kak shaja was rite. My 3 tier cake adalah tidak habis kami makan selama seminggu, dah bagi sana sini pun masih tak habis and ade a few yg terbuang. Same goes to my cousin’s wedding cake.. The whole large tier membazir camtuh je. So i guess, u have to plan wisely. This includes bile nk potong cake, and who will distribute for the guess to eat. Kadang2 kite sayang, nk save for family, but end up tak bermakan. Sedih kan. 😦

Having said that, i stil think cake is one is the most important thing in a wedding. And anyone needs idea for a perfect wedding cake, u can always email me for consultation, and its free.. of course.. 🙂


Print your own paparbeg..!

hi everyone,
its great to have a personalized design paperbeg for ur wedding day..
this was design for azuan + khais’s reception, compiling all their earlier reception.
i will update on the actual paperbeg once i get the pics from them ya..

500pcs : RM2 each
1000pcs : RM1.50 each
2000pcs : RM1.20 each
3000pcs : RM1.00 each

(price includes design, consultations and delivery to ur doorstep..)



i love drawing since i was a kid. tp lukisan saya tidaklah cantek. conteng2 pandai lah.
i stil remember during architecture interview for UTM, we were asked to sketch a living room. the interviewer commented, saying i should ambik art, sbb lukisan saya bukan satu garis (yg macam architect selalu drawa lah kot), instead sofa yg saya lukis terlebih seni. huhuu.. utk dipendekkan cerita, saya dpt offer utk architecture, tp memilih advertising instead. dulu, rasa menyesal masih ada, tp saya dah istikharah dulu utk setiap keputusan yg nk dibuat. ada hikmahnye kot, sbb advert and graphic design saya boleh belajar mcm2. (sbnrnye ade sorg kawan ckp, kalo ko ambik architect kena belajar 6 thn, nanti lambat kawen.. hahaha. berdasarkan ayat tuh lah takot nk ambik..)
sketch pelamin dahnia

btw, saya masih berangan2 nk jd arkitek. skrg, dapat design pelamin and gubah bunga.. sangat puas dan teruja especially bila tgk pengantin happy, family pengantin happy.. this is a sketch, i did last 2 years.. ade date kat situ, pelamin dahnia achid, 21july2007.. kejap je masa berlalu kan.. dah ade baby Batrisya dah Dahnia and Achid now, lahir 2 days after my lil’ alrayyan.. lagi few days anniversary dorg 2 thn..

and this is the outcome from the sketch.. heee. i have lots of sketches to share.. insyaAllah fathin akan upload lagi yer..