khai and azuan : bilik pengantin black and white

This is a lovely bilik pengantin.. cadar dijahit specially by mak teh khai, cermin kat bawah nih fathin yg geram nk beli jugak sbb sangat cantikk.. the other decor by us.. 



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Khai’s Black+Pink Hantaran..~

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dear all, 

terima kasih, kerana sudi browse this blog.. Alhamdulillah, look at the stat :



this is quite an achievement.. i have more than 100 viewers yesterday.. thanks for ur support, this will definitely  inspire us to work harder, and create beautiful, memorable weddings..~

thanks to Dr khai and Azuan for the trust. To ibu and pakcik, ur both are great.. planning a wedding, for the anak sulung, the only girl in the family [in 5 weeks] is not that easy.. alhamdulillah, everything turns out very well. ibu and pakcik did tremendous job! The bride and groom are lovely, the food was delicious.. the makcik2 was so supportive.. to tok yg bangun at 5am, having a look at us, doing the decoration, “jgn risau nek.. mesti siap punyee..” “Nenek suko lah ekau nye pelamin, hantaran, sumo sumo ni, nanti cucu nenek nk kawen ujun tahun ni ekau jgn lupo kasi kad yo..”

thanks to Min, Aishah, Cik An, Ama, Asa, Shaha, Ieja, kak Ieja, Dora, hubby dearest.. owh, thanks to Al Rayyan sbb u were sangat baik and tak meragam, (except bile dia nk breastfeed), senang mama nk bekerja..~


this is a special black and pink hantaran from the bride.. i love the colour combination..

what do u think..? the black dulang hantaran is available for rent.. i will upload more pix soon..

do comment ya.. looking forward for chocolate and pink wedding pulak.. anyone..?

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**pix by Engku Iskandar @

design from the heart..

This is actually the first pelamin that I created, for Sakina and Adlan’s akad nikah. I design from my heart. I do sketch, and it is not that easy to come out with ideas.. 

pelamin nikah sakina

For the past one week, 3 org emailed me to get quotation for this pelamin. They find it sweet, simple and nice. Yup i like creating something minimal. Just sweet, and simple.. (But that does not mean i don’t create vass-da-bomm pelamin.) Linda, from Gombak loves this pelamin so much and I will be creating the same design, with a little bit of twist.. colour would be : Mauve.. Keep visiting for more updates !!



fathin md nor

green vintage wedding card..~

Dear all, 

We’re currently bz with wedding planning for Dr Khairunnisa’ and Azuan. Just finished design and printing the wedding card for the groom reception..wallaa.. I love this so much.. The wedding wud be on this Sunday, 8th of Feb.. Pelamin pun dah siap pasang, Just to deco the hantaran and fresh flowers for the pelamin, bedroom, main table. arch.. etc..

This is the front view of the card.. What do u think of it..? do leave comment so that i can improve and design more lovely cards..

wedding card (190x210mm)

size : 190x210mm, 260gsm artcard, matte lamination. ( also available in different types of papers)

price: RM1.10 per 1000 prints..

But as I was excited designing this card, I have a SPECIAL PROMOTION for the bride and groom-to-be..

THE FIRST THREE (3) confirmed orders for February will receive a FREE BUNTING (size 2feetx6feet)

and more… FREE CUSTOMIZED ENVELOPE.. like this :


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fathin md nor